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12 Years of Research & Testing
Gastrointestinal metabolism of a vegetable-oil emulsion in healthy subjects
CONCLUSION: The higher amount of lipids in the proximal jejunum and the recovery of crystals in the intestinal samples after test product infusion provide a plausible physiologic explanation for the ileal brake mechanism that leads to the increased satiety.
Lars Knutson

Effect of a vegetable oil emulsion on body composition
CONCLUSION: Addition of a vegetable oil emulsion to a meal replacement weight maintenance program after an initial weight loss using VLCD was associated with decreased BFM by 0.9% without any change in BW between the two groups.
Johan Olsson

Effect of fat emulsion (Fabuless) on orocecal transit time in healthy men
CONCLUSION: This study provides the first evidence to suggest that this stable fat emulsion may affect the ileal brake mechanism by slowing down the gastrointestinal transit time, which might explain the weight control and appetite suppression previously observed in association with this emulsion.
Arvo Haenni

Short-term effects of a novel fat emulsion on appetite and food intake.
CONCLUSION: The Olibra* emulsion exerted a suppressive effect on the area under the curve of appetite ratings over 3 hours in normal weight women aged 18 to 30 years. The Olibra* emulsion did not affect subsequent energy intake in either group.
Kristel Diepvens

Long-term effects of consumption of a novel fat emulsion in relation to body-weight management
CONCLUSION: Consumption of Olibra* yogurt improved weight maintenance compared to placebo, which can be explained by the relatively higher REE as a function of FFM, relatively higher decrease in FM and the relatively lower increase in hunger.
Kristel Diepvens

Investigation of the MEDIUM TERM EFFECTS of Olibrat fat emulsion on food intake in non-obese subjects
CONCLUSION: In contrast to earlier studies, there was no evidence of a short or medium-term effect of the Olibra* emulsion on food intake or appetite.This could be owing to numerous confounding factors influencing eating behavior and/or the different study design used in the present study.
CM Logan

CONCLUSION: The results suggest that Olibra* fat reduced the effect of overeating during an ad libitum lunch meal and subsequent food intake up to 36 hours post-consumption.
AA Burns

The effects of yogurt containing a novel fat emulsion on energy and macronutrient intakes in non-overweight, overweight and obese subjects
CONCLUSION: These results suggest that the effects of this novel fat emulsion are maintained at least up to 8 hours and are evident in non-overweight, overweight and obese subjects.
AA Burns

Short-term effects of yogurt containing a novel fat emulsion on energy and macronutrient intakes in non-obese subjects
CONCLUSION: These results suggest that the physicochemical characteristics of small amounts of dietary fat affect short-term satiety.
AA Burns

  • *Olibra is the former name of Fabuless.
  • Fabuless is a trademark of DSM.
  • All studies were conducted on Fabuless, the key ingredient in Coffee Trim.
    BW= Body Weight
    FFM= Fat Free Mass
    REE= Resting Energy Expenditure
    VLCD = Very low calorie diet