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Scientifically Formulated  Appetite Controller

Product Facts

Published Clinical Studies Show Fabuless:

  • Reduce appetite for as long as 8 hours
  • Helps you eat up to 30% less*
  • Starts working from the first day of use

Fabuless Proven Results and Benefits:

  • Increases the feeling of satiety (being full)
  • Helps you Eat Less and Feel Full
  • You never feel deprived

Coffee Trim is used like instant coffee, just add 6 oz of hot water and stir until thoroughly dissolved. Each portion contains creamer. Sweeten Coffee Trim to your liking. Adding sweeteners or milk will add calories but will not alter the effect.
Drink one Coffee Trim in the morning at breakfast or at your morning coffee break. Use Coffee Trim once or, if desired, twice a day. For some people, one portion in the morning is sufficient. If using two portions per day, drink the second portion later in the afternoon, approximately 6 hours apart.